About Us

The staff members who make up the Liberty elementary team have worked to create a climate where students have a safe learning environment.

All staff members have high expectations and show kindness in the classrooms, hallways, playground, and cafeteria.
Teachers at Liberty are committed to coming to school each day with a smile on their face
and are excited to work with their students. This carries over to countless interactions with kids
that help them build their self- confidence, feel valued for the unique person they are, and
to teach them how to be positive and proactive in their own lives.

All Liberty students are held to high expectations, both academically and
behaviorally. The Liberty teachers are dedicated to using instructional strategies that promote
the best student learning and lead to success for all students. Teachers utilize small
group instruction for both math and reading as a way to teach and reinforce the District's
Power Standards that are aligned with Common Core Curriculum Standards.

Classroom teachers strive to finish the school year with 100% of their students
proficient in the grade level skills required to be successful in the
forthcoming school year. To reach this goal, teachers assist struggling students with
additional small group instruction, peer tutoring, and parent involvement. Liberty is
designated as a school-wide Title I school; therefore, additional staff can be retained to
enable students to receive extra academic support when needed.

Teachers meet in Professional Learning Communities weekly to share instructional strategies and
to set short- term learning goals for students. This collaboration allows teachers to improve
their methods and ensures that all students are taught with the most effective lessons.
Students are informed about the goal-setting process which includes how to set a goal, work
towards that goal, and then celebrate the success of reaching their goal by coloring in their
goal chart.
Beyond high academic achievement, Liberty teachers work to help students learn to make
choices about their behavior and lifestyle that will have positive effects on their
future. Through the use of the Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS), the expectations of
the students are to "Be Respectful, Show Integrity, and Think First." Students learn to
follow procedures and demonstrate behaviors that create a positive and
respectful atmosphere.

The final commitment of Liberty staff members is to love kids unconditionally. Love at Liberty
means that teachers work to help kids be successful academically and behaviorally. It means
that students are held to high expectations because adults love students enough to not settle
for less than their best. Love means that adults prioritize the BEST things education can do for
kids over the things that are simply good.

Liberty teachers conduct parent-teacher conferences with 100% of parents. This commitment
serves as another example of loving students enough to ensure that every parent has the
opportunity to learn about their child's education. Each morning, the dedication and excitement
about the future of Liberty students can be heard as students recite the Liberty creed,
which ends with, "Today, I have the courage to be the best I can be."

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